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bright and vibrant bottles & tubs of coloured craft sand
for fun and creative kids crafts

Our amazing Craft Sand is a 100% natural mineral sand using environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients. 

Our bottles and tubs of coloured craft sand shaker are available in 4 different styles: Sparkle Sand, Pastel Sand, Fluorescent Sand and Bright Coloured Sand. Our craft Sand Shakers and tubs are eco-friendly craft sands and made of 100% natural minerals. All our craft sands are great for sand art, rangoli, decorations and seasonal art projects. The craft Sand Shaker bottles have flip tops designed to reduce mess and for easy control so are ideal for many children's arts and crafts projects. 
Our craft sand is an eco-friendly, coloured sand, made of 100% natural minerals. Our craft sand tubs are resealable, reusable and recyclable.

Sparkle Sand is an environmentally friendly shimmery, glittery craft sand made without micro-plastics. A great alternative to craft sand made with plastic glitter. Available in Gold, Red, Blue, White, Violet and Green. Bright Sand is a brightly coloured craft sand available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink and Purple. Fluorescent Sand is a super bright fluorescent coloured craft sand available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Orange. Pastel Sand is a pale pastel coloured craft sand available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Violet and Orange.
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