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Children learn about the world around them through their senses and the physical manipulation of their environment, making sand a rich area for learning.  Playing with sand encourages sensory development and provides a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the benefits of messy play.  It can also help in:

Physical Development

Playing with sand can help children develop fine motor skills through manipulating tools, filling, pouring, stirring, pushing, pulling, digging, patting, moulding etc.  It can also help develop hand-eye co-ordination for example pouring sand into containers and making sand shapes using moulds.  In addition, you can add a range of equipment with increasing skill - such as sieves, sand wheels etc.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Play sand can play a key part in helping children to learn to work independently, co-operate, take turns and share equipment as part of a group.  It can also help children to respect other's ideas, learn to use sand safely and with consideration for others, develop self esteem by seeing displays of learning in the sand and experience the therapeutic value of working with wet or dry sand.

Creative Development

Play sand is a great way to build a child's imagination and encourage creativity, this can be achieved by creating and exploring sound using shakers of sand, pasta and gravel, using sand for line drawing and pattern making, explore 3D forms using a range of moulds, explore shapes and textures associated with wet/dry sand, experience different colours and textures of wet/dry sand.

Early Mathematical Development

Using play sand, children can explore and develop various mathematical concepts such as shape, size, weight, position and time, understand and use mathematical language e.g. need more/less, full, empty, etc.  It can also help solve problems associated with sand e.g. how much will a specific container hold? Pouring sand into a variety of different sizes of containers, make shapes and patterns in the sand.

Language Development

Play sand can also be used in helping children with language development, by asking children to describe the properties of sand e.g. rough, smooth, sticky, wet.  It can also help extend vocabulary associated with sand play e.g. pour, fill, empty, full, soft, bucket, sand wheel, sieve, mould, dig, tunnel, rake, smooth.  It can help children with describing their actions and the actions of others - e.g. pushing, pulling, scooping, making up stories using additional items such as vehicles, farm animals, dinosaurs.  Get children to talk about their experiences in the sand, from displays, photographs or books.

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